Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Another solid week for wool

The second last wool sale for the season saw a relatively strong market, resulting in the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) gaining six cents per kilogram to close at 1285c/kg clean.

With Fremantle having no sale this week, the offering was reduced to 22,108 bales, with 6.5 per cent passed-in.

The total offering for the 2015/16 season is now tracking at over 9pc lower than the same period last season.

There was a limited supply of medium to broader Merino fleeces, and as such prices increased by as much as 25c/kg.

The 22 micron price guide gained 24c/kg, coming to rest at 1412c/kg.

Less movement was seen in the finer end of the catalogue, which had a more bountiful supply.

Price increases were less significant, ranging from 3-6c/kg, while there were also decreases but these remained under 8c/kg.

A minimal quantity of Merino skirtings gained strong buyer attention, staying in line with last week’s result, while cardings finished the week lower, losing 7c/kg in the South.

Crossbred prices eased across the board, generally closing between 5-10c/kg cheaper.

Next week will see the final sale for the season and an estimated offering of 32,016 bales will hit the market.