Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Solid week for wool

The wool market had another solid run this week, seeing the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) gain a further six cents per kilogram, to close at 1297c/kg clean.

Only two of the three centres were operational, as Fremantle had a non-sale week, so the offering was reduced to 29,403 bales.

Of that offering, 5.4 per cent were passed-in, which was a similar rate to last week.

The market had a slower start but picked-up on the second day of selling, finishing the week on a stronger note.

Most micron types firmed slightly, up to 10c/kg in the 18.5 micron range, although there were some slight discounts in the finer 16.5-17 micron rage.

There was a small amount of Merino skirtings available and subsequently saw gains of 10-20c/kg, while cardings finished the week 18c/kg firmer in the South, at 1106c/kg.

Again there was also a limited offering of Crossbred fleeces, seeing increases of 2-20/kg for the week.

Next week all three centres will be selling, seeing an increased offering of an estimated 33,466 bales.