Bendigo on-farm wool collections popular with growers

THE opportunity for wool growers throughout the Bendigo region to have their wool collected on-farm prior to sale, saving the traditional carting job and freight cost, is proving popular as they look to rebuild their sheep numbers.

Quality Wool Bendigo’s Vallon Gibson said growers had experienced tough conditions over the past 18 months and sheep numbers had reduced by around 10 per cent, however, conditions were much better this season, which should help at least maintain and increase numbers.

“With the tough conditions previously, some growers have had to feed stock for 12-18 months and cart water, so they traded quite a few sheep,’’ Vallon said.

“They have had a really good start for cropping and feed this season though, so we expect sheep numbers will increase.

“With cropping being impacted by the difficult conditions in recent seasons, sheep for wool and meat have underlined their benefit in helping to spread farming risk.

“The supply and demand situation for wool is also equating to a bright outlook for growers.’’

Despite the drop in the sheep population, as well as the number of farm enterprises in previous years, Quality Wool’s Bendigo business has held firm and its on-farm collection service for growers has been in strong demand throughout North East Victoria, Central Victoria and the South West.

“Growers absolutely love our on-farm wool pick-ups,’’ Vallon said.

The business just added another new Isuzu truck with 6.6-metre tray and gates for its Benalla store, which also recently employed a further staff member to join Quality Wool marketing representative, Mark Amarant.

Previously, Quality Wool also appointed an additional marketing representative at Maryborough, Maurice Jardine, who also operates an on-farm collection service.

Vallon said in addition to the on-farm pick-ups, the Bendigo business also purchases significant wool privately at its store door in Harpin Street.

Quality Wool is looking forward to meeting up with growers throughout the region at the company’s display at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo on July 15-17.