Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Wool market rallies

The wool market rallied this week, bouncing back after consecutive losses in the last two sales to close 36 cents per kilogram stronger at 1258c/kg clean.

Of the 37,747 bales offered, only 3.7 per cent were passed-in which was a significantly drop to last week’s massive pass-in rate of 21.5pc from a similar sized offering.

The medium to broad fleeces saw the biggest rises, ranging from 43-48c/kg with the 19.5 micron guide resting at 1365c/kg.

In the finer end of the catalogue, prices jumped 15-44c/kg and the 18 micron guide achieved $1447c/kg after rising by 30c/kg.

Merino skirtings followed suit and also recorded solid gains.

Crossbreds saw increases of 20-31c/kg and cardings also did well, closing 18c/kg stronger at 1085c/kg.

Next week a slighter smaller offering is expected, with 35,012 bales predicted to go under the hammer.