Quality Wool Cup to return to Port Lincoln in January 2016

A great association between country cricket and supportive local industry continues with the Quality Wool Cup to be held once again in Port Lincoln from January 11- 12, 2016. This sees representative sides at Under 14 level from the seven cricket associations on the Eyre Peninsula come together to play Twenty20 matches at Centenary Oval, Poole Oval and the two ovals at Ravendale Complex.

“The Quality Wool Cup adds to a very busy time for cricket on the Eyre Peninsula for juniors, as some of those playing in this will have come off a Country Cup carnival in Adelaide and a Horgan Shield (U/16 Eyre Peninsula competition) round leading up to this” said Seb Goldsmith, the South Australian Cricket Association’s Country Cricket Officer in the region.

“That said, being my first season in the role and in the region, I welcome something great like this continuing on and congratulate the Eyre Peninsula Cricket Association and Quality Wool on what’s clearly a strong link.

Glen Forbes (Wool Manager) echoed this from the Quality Wool side of things.

“Quality Wool has been proud to be running the Quality Wool Cup for the past four years. It’s great to see the kids out there enjoying their cricket every year. We are excited to bring people from all over the Peninsula together for this event and it’s great to put something back into the community that families can enjoy.”

Andrew Taheny is involved with the Eastern Eyre Cricket Association and will be coaching their side in Port Lincoln.

“One of the big things for most of the Associations coming to Port Lincoln, is the opportunity to play on a turf pitch (at Centenary Oval). This experience does not come often and is a great challenge for all players involved,” he said

SACA will also be holding a Community Coach coaching course on the first night at Ravendale. For more information please contact Seb Goldsmith on 0419 845 959.

The draw is as follows:

Monday 11 January – all Round 1 games at 10:30am, all Round 2 games at 2:30pm

Round 1
Eastern Eyre v Lincoln Great Whites (Centenary)
Far West v Le Hunte Magpies / Lincoln Tuna Kings v Kimba Tigers (Ravendale)
Tumby Bay Dolphins v Great Flinders Lions (Poole)

Round 2
Kimba Tigers v Le Hunte Magpies (Centenary)
Great Flinders Lions v Eastern Eyre / Lincoln Great Whites v Tumby Bay Dolphins (Ravendale)-
Far West v Lincoln Tuna Kings (Poole)

Tuesday 12 January – all Round 3 games at 9:00am, all Round 4 games at 12:30pm

Round 3
Lincoln Tuna Kings v Great Flinders Lions (Centenary)
Tumby Bay Dolphins v Kimba Tigers / Eastern Eyre v Far West (Ravendale)
Le Hunte Magpies v Lincoln Great Whites (Poole)

Round 4
Far West v Tumby Bay Dolphins (Centenary)
Lincoln Great Whites v Great Flinders Lions / Lincoln Tuna Kings v Le Hunte Magpies (Ravendale)
Kimba Tigers v Eastern Eyre (Poole)

Results will be published on the Eyre Peninsula website (http://eyrepeninsula.sa.cricket.com.au) and can be accessed from the ‘MyCricket’ menu by navigating to ‘Matches’ and then ‘Fixture’, and selecting ‘2015/16’ and ‘Quality Wool Cup’ from the drop down menus.

Author: Sebastian Goldsmith, Country Cricket Officer – Eyre Peninsula & Upper North, South Australia Cricket Association