Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Market eases on irregular selection

Despite the Australian Dollar trading at slightly lower levels to last week (70.48 US), the wool market eased this week with the Eastern Market Indicator falling by 8 cents clean to finish at 2008 cents per kilogram clean.

As with recent weeks, the wool selection was somewhat irregular with a high percentage of poorer style and lower strength types, with higher mid-breaks littered throughout the offerings.

Buyers became selective resulting in all Merino micron categories easing 9 – 40c/kg, with the lesser measuring wools coming under most pressure compared to last week’s values.

Best style types still attracted good trade attention, as these types continue to be somewhat limited given the drought conditions upon us.

The crossbred categories were somewhat irregular, with the 26 – 28 micron types up to 32c/kg dearer, while the 30 micron types eased up to 26c/kg cheaper with the 32 micron and broader marginally dearer on last week.

The carding wool sector continued to improve with prices 10 – 20c/kg clean dearer across most types.

Next week’s national market offering is expected to decrease to 41,722 bales, with Melbourne once again playing host to better than 50 per cent of this total.