Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Little change for EMI

The benchmark Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) showed little change on the previous week in M30, increasing by only four cents per kilogram to finish at 1927c/kg clean.

The Australian dollar traded marginally cheaper at 71.23 US cents, having no real impact on this week’s market, as movements were selective and mainly contained to individual micron groups.

In general, the Merino 17 – 19 micron wool categories eased 4 – 12c/kg, with the 19.5 – 22 micron categories increasing 2 – 12c/kg clean.

Changes in values were mainly dictated by type and measurement, with the better measured wools being firm to dearer, with the poorer style, low strength and high CVH wools coming under most trade pressure being discounted against last week’s quotes.

The finer crossbred types solid run over the past fortnight steadied, resulting in these wools easing 10 – 34c/kg clean, with the broader types firm to dearer for the better prepared types.

Carding wool types overall eased 10 – 30c/kg clean for the week, with the Merino carding Indicator declining by 21c/kg clean to finish the week out at 1151c/kg.

Passed in rates inflated marginally when compared to the two opening markets of the year, averaging 9.6 per cent for the week.

Wool volumes will decline once again next week, with an expected 40,629 bales on offer across the three main selling centres.