Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Mixed final sale before break

The final sale prior to heading into the annual three-week mid-year recess delivered mixed results, with the benchmark Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) retreating by a further 13c/kg clean to finish at 1981 cents per kilogram.

A national offering of 40,544 bales, with the Australian dollar trading at 73.82 US cents, was not enough to stifle the easing trend of last week.

As with recent weeks, the selection of wool types available to the trade reflected the dry seasonal conditions which have been evident across most parts of Australia.

Due to this, buyers have become selective on wool type with the limited selection of better style, low fault wools of good strength commanding solid competition.

The poorer style wools and those exhibiting high vegetable matter content received the greatest discounts.

The finer micron wool categories less than 18.5 micron generally held up well this week, and finished near unchanged in values to the previous week.

Falls of 17-33c/kg were received for the 19 and broader Merino micron categories, as the quoted levels in values slowly begin to widen between the individual micron groups.

While initially easing on the first day’s trade, the crossbred categories rallied on the final day and also finished near unchanged by week’s end.

A limited supply of better style FNF carding wool types saw the oddments retreat by a further 10-30c/kg clean again with heavier fault types and those containing heavy stain mostly affected.

Despite the easing trend of the past couple of weeks, it’s great to see that the EMI is some 459c/kg better than at the same time last year, with all Merino micron categories reflecting very positive values heading into the recess.

All three selling centres resume auction sales the week commencing August 6th.