Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

EMI eases by 17c/kg

A fall in the Australian dollar to below 74 US cents was not enough to hold back a correction in the wool market this week, with the Eastern Market Indicator easing by 17c/kg to finish at 2056c/kg clean.

The last sale for the season saw an increase in the national wool offering on the previous week to 31,784 bales, with the  Fremantle centre returning to the selling arena.

As with recent sales, the dry seasonal conditions across many regions throughout the eastern seaboard resulted in the wool selection being offered compiling of a high percentage of lesser style, low yielding types and wools expressing a higher degree of fault.

While the better style, higher yielding types were less affected by the reduction in values, the finer than 19 micron categories were hardest hit this week with falls of 30-45c/kg clean in the 16-18.5 micron categories.

The medium micron types were less affected, and while initially easing  earlier in the week, tendered to find trade support as the week progressed.

By week’s end the 19-20 micron categories declined 12-14c/kg clean with the 21-22 micron categories finishing at near similar values quoted the previous week.

High fault skirtings above five per cent vegetable matter decreased by 15-25c/kg clan with good length, lower fault types once again less affected, only easing 5-10 c/kg clean.

The crossbred wool categories were not immune as falls of 5-20c/kg clean were felt across the board, with the finer micron categories mostly affected.

The carding wools suffered a similar fate to the skirting categories, with heavier fault and carbonising types easing some 10-20c/kg clean, with the lower fault types less affected.

It is interesting that the sale turnover value of wool for the 2017/18 season equated to nearly 3.5 billion Australian dollars – how great!

Next week sees the first sale for the 2018/19 selling season and a further increase in the national offering to 43,332 bales, with all three selling centres in operation.