Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Mixed Week for Market

In the wool market this week against a slightly smaller national offering of 42,794 bales.

The Eastern Market Indicator eased 10 cents for the week to finish at 1836c/kg clean, with the Australian Dollar trading at a lower 75 US cents.

As with recent weeks, the offering was somewhat inconsistent on a limited supply of better style types with lots expressing higher vegetable matter and poorer yielding wools littering the catalogue.

Best trade competition tended to be on the lower vegetable matter types, with the easing in market values more focused on lesser measuring wools.

Finer than 17 micron posted the largest gains increasing 16 cents clean for the week, with the 17.5-18.5 micron types increasing by a further 10-12 cents  clean.

The Merino medium to broader micron types finished near unchanged on the previous week’s values, tending to lean in buyers favour.

The 26-28 micron crossbred types traded marginally cheaper, with the broader 30-32 micron categories falling up to 35 cents clean.

Carding wools maintained last week’s levels again the FNF types attracting best buyer competition.

Next week’s  national offering reduces further to 38,292bales, with Melbourne hosting nearly 60 percent of the quantity.