Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Larger offering tests market

Off the back of last week’s strong increases in wool values, a lift in the national offering to just over 50,000 bales tested the market this week.

While the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) increased by a marginal two cents clean to finish the week at 1683 cents per kilogram clean, the prices received were largely dependent on wool type with the better measured wools delivering the best outcomes.

The three-day sale resulted in most Merino wools remaining relatively stable with the 17.5-18 micron range the only fine Merino micron categories losing ground on the previous week, easing 12-22 cents clean.

The 19-21 micron range finished near unchanged, with the broader 22 micron range easing up to 12 cents clean for the week.

Skirtings fell up to 20 cents clean, with the broader micron, heavier fault types mostly affected as seedy jowl types begin to filter onto the market.

The crossbred sector couldn’t maintain the levels of last week with the 26-30 micron range all losing ground and the 28 micron range mostly affected, falling 55 cents clean.

The carding sector continued to perform well with good increases across the board.

Locks, crutchings and stains all increased 10-20 cents clean for the week, with the lambswool market remaining very solid across all types.

Next week’s national offering eases marginally with 48,767 bales on offer, with the Melbourne selling centre hosting 25,701 bales.