Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Fourth straight week of high values

The wool market continued its impressive run for the fourth consecutive week, as values breached levels not seen for quite some time.

The Eastern Market Indicator increased by 58 cents clean for the week to finish at 1681 cents per kilogram clean, with passed in rates reflective of the strong tone being below 1.5 per cent.

Increases were felt across both the Merino and crossbred wool categories, with the carding sector also receiving a strong boost.

The fine wool sector lead the way with the 16.5-18.5 micron range increasing 65-125 cents clean, with the 17-18 micron range at the higher end of the scale.

The medium-to-strong Merino wools also attracted solid demand, as the 19-23 micron range increased a further 36-61 cents clean, with the 21 micron indicator finishing at 1636 cents clean by week’s end.

The tide turned favourably this week for all crossbred wool types, with the 26-32 micron range increasing by 45-87 cents clean on the back of a good selection of well-prepared, better-styled wools.

The carding sector completed a great week on the wool market with locks, crutchings and stains all lifting by 50-70 cents clean, with Merino Lambswool under immense pressure with values 50-100 cents clean dearer.

Finer micron washing types captured the best of the market, as the trade took advantage of the lower fault selection.

Next week’s national offering increases to 49,486 bales, with the Melbourne selling centre hosting 27,328 bales.