Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Market consolidates further

The wool market consolidated further this week on a national offering of just over 44,000 bales, with the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) easing by 31 cents clean for the week to finish at 1525 cents per kilogram.

The first day’s market resulted in falls across all Merino and crossbred categories, with the Merino sector affected greatest easing 50-60 cents clean.

The poorer style wools, along with types expressing low strength or high vegetable matter fault, found the going toughest receiving less trade support.

The losses continued on the second day’s trade, although not to the extent of the first day’s quotes, easing 10-20 cents for most micron categories, with the 18-19 micron types decreasing by a further 20-30 cents clean.

The skirtings market was not affected to the same degree as the fleece types and finished the week out marginally in the buyers favour, although better results were seen on the lower vegetable matter types.

The crossbred wool types eased some 10-30 cents clean for the week, with some confidence returning for the 26-28 micron, better prepared categories on the second day’s trade.

The carding wool market initially eased, though by week’s end it found better trade support with locks and crutchings finishing near unchanged on the previous week’s quotes.

The fall in the market also resulted in passed in rates increasing to above 15 per cent nationally.

Next week’s national auction offering reduces marginally to 43,077 bales with 22,909 bales on offer from the Melbourne selling centre.