Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Wool market surges

THE wool market returned from a week-long recess seemingly refreshed, which translated to an increase in the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) by 31 cents per kilogram to 1270c/kg clean.

A sizable offering of 48,878 bales was well-received by the market, with 5.6 per cent passed-in.

There were decent gains across the board, exceeding 60c/kg in some instances.

Buyers showed a particular interest for the broader types up to 19 micron range, with the 23 micron price guide surging by 56c/kg to 1380c/kg.

Gains in the finer end of the offering ranged from 23-46c/kg in the south.

Merino skirtings weren’t as remarkable in their result and the increase remained under the 20c/kg mark.

Cardings actually closed lower for the week, shedding 5c/kg to 1091c/kg in the south.

Crossbreds were a mixed-bag and enjoyed some success in the 26 micron range, which gained 64c/kg, while the result headed south as the fleece type broadened.

Next week, an estimated 43,067 bales will be offered to the market.