Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Market remains steady again

The wool market showed irregular trends this week, with prices received largely dependent on style and fault and the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) finishing marginally cheaper at 1522 cents per kilogram clean, down two cents for the week.

The first day’s selling opened on a firming trend, but fortunes slowly reversed as buyers became selective on wool type and VM fault above five per cent.

Best style lots expressing low VM and good strength attracted best trade support, with poorer-style lots being less sought after as the sale progressed.

The 17.5 and finer micron ranges were in sellers favour increasing up to 30 cents clean for the week, with the 19-21 micron ranges easing by 7-13 cents clean.

The 22-23 micron ranges saw the week out marginally dearer compared to the previous week’s quotes.

As with recent weeks, well-prepared crossbred wools realised best values with increases of 7-13 cents clean for 26-30 micron ranges.

Carding wool categories trended slightly cheaper, with the Merino carding indicator easing by 10 cents clean.

The dollar traded at slightly dearer rates over the two-day sale, increasing above 77 US cents by sale’s end.

Auction wool sales cease over the next three weeks as the annual mid-year recess takes place, with sales resuming the week of August 7th.