Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Wool market holds firm

The wool market held reasonably firm this week against a large increase in the offering to just under 52,000 bales, with the Australian dollar trading steady at just over 76 US cents.

The Eastern Market Indicator finished at 1524 cents per kilogram to ease by 1 cent clean for the week, with passed in rates down slightly to 7.4 per cent

While wools of 18.5 micron and finer were irregular dependent of style and fault, the medium wool types of 20-22 micron attracted solid competition, finishing the week on a positive note.

Low fault skirtings remained firm on the previous week, with the higher vegetable matter types tending to be in buyers favour.

The finer crossbred categories lost ground on the first day’s trade, but found support by sale’s end to finish near unchanged for the week.

The broader micron crossbred types of 30 micron and stronger eased marginally, and once again better prepared skirted crossbred wools attracted best trade competition.

Carding wool types saw little change for low vegetable matter types, with locks and crutchings of higher fault levels irregular and trending slightly cheaper for the week.

Next week is the final sale before heading into the usual three-week, mid-year recess with a slightly lesser national offering of 47,348 bales.