Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Wool market dips slightly

Despite a national offering some 3,000 bales fewer than the previous, the wool market dipped slightly this week with the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) falling 12 cents per kilogram to finish at 1522c/kg clean.

The wool market opened on an easier tone, with the Australian dollar trading slightly dearer at mid-74 US cents. All Merino wool types decreased in value by 5-37c/kg, with the 20 micron and finer ranges losing the most ground and the broader 22-23 micron range only easing marginally on last week.

A higher supply of premature shorn wools onto the market in the past month has resulted in these types being discounted heavier against 12-month grown wools.

Skirtings eased by similar values, with wools expressing higher vegetable matter fault greater than five per cent receiving less trade competition.

Crossbred values were similar to last week, with the finer 25-28 micron range increasing by 6-11c/kg and the better prepared wools attracting best trade competition.

Heavy fault cardings tendered to be 10-20c/kg cheaper, with crutchings and stains mostly affected.

Next week’s national wool offering is 37,348 bales, with Melbourne hosting 21,326 bales (57 per cent), Sydney 9,547 bales (26 per cent) and Fremantle 6,475 bales (17 per cent).