Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

EMI eases after recent gains

An Australian dollar trading at near 74 cents US along with a fall in wool volume on offer assisted the wool market to open in positive territory this week.

Continuing last week’s trend, good gains were seen across all micron wool categories on the opening day’s selling. Merino wool types increased 3-15c/kg, with the ultra-fine and superfine types receiving best trade competition.

XB sold on a slightly dearer note again with the finer 25-27 micron types making the most gains up to 14c/kg dearer, the broader types trading firm to similar rates as last week’s quotes.

The market consolidated on the second day’s selling, with the poorer styles expressing high vegetable matter dictating the offering.

Betters style wools eased some 20-30c/kg with lower spec types struggling and easing 30-40c/kg. Merino skirtings eased in line with the fleece types, with oddments holding firm on the previous week’s sale values.

The EMI easing 15 cents for the week to finish at 1534c/kg, with passed in rates increasing on recent levels to 18.7 percent.

Next week we see a fall in the national offering to 36,343 bales.