Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Another solid week for wool

The wool market rose again this week, amid another smaller offering of 34,556 bales.

The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) lifted by 13 cents per kilogram, closing the week at 1331c/kg clean.

Of the bales offered, 3.5 per cent were passed-in during the sale which was similar to last week’s result.

The Australian dollar also gained ground against the greenback and the EMI firmed in US-terms, picking up 29c/kg to close at 1022c/kg.

Microns across the board enjoyed the gains, with the finer end of the catalogue seeing increases up to 25c/kg.

The 17.5 micron guide closed at 1647c/kg.

In the medium to broader microns, the 19.5 micron guide increased by 24c/kg to rest at 1531c/kg.

Skirtings firmed by 20-30c/kg for the week, while cardings were 25c/kg dearer in the South.

Crossbreds were small in supply and as such didn’t see much movement price-wise.

Next week will see a larger offering come through, with an expected