Weekly Market Report

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Mark Dyson

Market continues to strengthen

The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) strengthened further this week, surging another 11 cents per kilogram to close at 1320c/kg clean.

With all three centres back on deck the national offering shot up to 40,553 bales, much of which was new season fleece, with 3.6 per cent passed-in.

The market opened strongly from the outset and gains were spread across the board, tipping over the 20c/kg mark in the finer end of the catalogue.

The 18.5 micron price guide picked up 23c/kg for the week, to rest at 1524c/kg.

In the medium to broader fleeces, all microns were generally 7-14c/kg firmer, with the 19.5 micron price guide closing at 1487c/kg.

Skirtings followed the same trend as the fleece market, although the result for cardings was mixed, with no change recorded in the South.

Crossbreds also had a varied result, enjoying gains of up to 10c/kg in the finer end, but losses in the broader end of the spectrum.

Next week will see a slightly larger offering again, with an expected 42,986 bales to be offered to the market.